Roadside Vegetation Management Provides Significant Financial Savings

Roadside Vegetation Management Provides Significant Financial Savings

Texans have long been concerned with keeping Texas roadways clear and safe for drivers. Nearly 30 years ago, the Texas Department of Transportation began a statewide campaign with the slogan, “Don’t Mess with Texas” to reduce roadside littering. Although littering can be dangerous to drivers and harmful to our environment, there are also other threats to Houston drivers and roadways, such as overgrown roadside vegetation. LMC’s Roadside Vegetation Management involves controlling the growth of roadside grass, brush, trees and invasive weeds to ensure safe visibility for drivers. This service protects the safety of Houston drivers, and also provides local governments with tremendous financial savings.

Local Governments See Annual Savings

LMC’s Roadside Vegetation Management reduces expenses for local government agencies by eliminating their need to purchase and maintain specialized machinery, chemicals and vehicles that are often needed to maintain roadside vegetation. In addition, local government agencies can save on labor costs by not having to hire full-time or even part-time workers to perform roadside vegetation management on their own. Local governments can instead apply their annual savings to more pressing local needs while still preserving the safety and beauty of area roadways.

Fewer Weeds Means Fewer Maintenance Needs

When invasive weeds and tall brush are removed, this significantly reduces the frequency of overall roadside vegetation maintenance. Weeds will often grow faster than native grass, so controlling or removing them from roadsides through strategic herbicide applications reduces overall maintenance needs. Over time, roadside vegetation can be more self-sustaining, requiring much less maintenance.

Roadside Vegetation Management makes roads safer by allowing drivers to better see animals or other hazards in the road that might normally be hidden by large weeds or tall grass.Drivers Have Improved Visibility

One of the most important benefits from Roadside Vegetation Management comes from the improved visibility for Houston drivers. Tall brush and invasive weeds can quickly block the visibility of roads, U-turns, road signs and traffic signals, putting Houston drivers at risk of serious accidents. In addition, overgrown vegetation can also attract vermin, such as skunks or possums, or hinder the visibility of larger animals, such as deer, dogs or feral pigs. Roadside Vegetation Management improves visibility to keep Houston drivers and native animals safer from roadway accidents.  

LMC is pleased to offer safe, efficient and reliable Roadside Vegetation Management services to local towns and communities throughout the greater Houston area. The team at LMC has an in-depth understanding of regional vegetation and growth patterns, and strives to protect native trees, plants and wildflowers while removing noxious and invasive growth. LMC’s Roadside Vegetation Management Services include tree and debris removal, weed controltree pruning, sight-line clearing along roads and intersections, customized herbicide treatments and Emergency Storm Response services. Contact LMC for more information, or go online to request a free consultation.

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