How Effective Is Your Sprinkler System?

How Effective Is Your Sprinkler System?

Houston property owners know that they cannot solely depend on regular rainfall to keep their lawns, trees and gardens properly hydrated, especially during our hot summer months. Commercial property owners must supplement rainfall with regular watering, but often watering is not done in an efficient, effective or environmentally responsible way. Have you considered the effectiveness of your current sprinkler or watering system? Today’s blog post focuses on typical watering methods and offers suggestions for improved hydration for your trees, lawn, and landscape gardens.

The Problem With Stationary Sprinklers

In Houston, property owners learn quickly that it is uncomfortable and time-consuming to water the lawn, trees, and landscape gardens by walking around with a simple garden hose. The heat, humidity and mosquitos make this task unbearable, especially in the summer months. As a result, many property owners rely on simple stationary or oscillating sprinklers to water their property. However, these sprinklers pose two main problems for property owners: they often waste water and the owner still has to go outside often to reposition them in order to water all areas of the property.  They are often a waste of time, energy, money and water, and should be avoided for most properties. 

The Problem With Older Automated Sprinkler Systems

For most commercial properties, automated sprinkler systems are used to hydrate grass, gardens, and trees throughout the year. Unfortunately, many automated sprinkler systems in use are using older components and may not work as efficiently or effectively. Older types of automated sprinkler systems often have malfunctioning sprinkler heads, cracked valves, or hidden leaks that cause water waste. In addition, many commercial property owners do not get any kind of routine maintenance to test performance and ensure effectiveness.

The Benefits of Upgrading Sprinkler Systems

A new or upgraded automated sprinkler system ensures proper watering with efficient water usage and lower water costs for property owners. Commercial property owners concerned with protecting the environment can also make a difference by choosing drip-line irrigation systems to conserve water usage while also properly hydrating properties. In addition, property owners can take advantage of newer sprinkler systems with features such as smart controllers, pressure-regulated sprinkler heads, weather stations, and targeted sprinkler zones for maximum efficiency.

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