How To Reduce Slips and Falls On Your Commercial Site

How To Reduce Slips and Falls On Your Commercial Site

Commercial properties can offer beautiful amenities and lush landscaping, but they may also have areas of the property where trips and falls are more likely to occur. Businesses could face liability issues if their commercial property causes trips and falls for employees, customers, and visitors. In today’s blog post, we’ll look at three ways commercial properties can help reduce slips and falls on your commercial property or industrial site.

Adding Landscape Lighting

Commercial properties might enjoy great natural light and well-lit landscaping during the daytime, but at night commercial properties can become extremely dangerous if there is not adequate landscape lighting in place. One key way to prevent slips and falls on commercial properties is to add landscape lighting in strategic places, such as entrances, walkways, parking lots, garages, staircases, and other pedestrian or delivery areas. This can illuminate a majority of the property and make it safer by preventing trips and falls as well as reducing hiding spots for criminals.

Regular Landscape and Tree Maintenance

Another hazard to employees, customers, and visitors on a commercial property can be caused by poor landscape and tree maintenance. When left unkempt, the branches and outward growth of trees and plants can result in trips and falls as people walk around the property. Tree roots should never be allowed to grow near walkways, and branches and limbs should not block sidewalks or pedestrian areas. Trees and plants should be planted and pruned away from walkways, sidewalks, and other ground-level pedestrian areas.

Correct Uneven Property Elevation

Although Houston does not receive substantial precipitation, we do have brief periods of heavy rainfall as well as the occasional below freezing temperatures and icy conditions. In order to maximize safety on commercial properties, it’s crucial to inspect the property for low-lying areas where water accumulates, as these can quickly turn to dangerous puddles or even slippery ice during freezing weather. These should be corrected by leveling any uneven property elevation or pedestrian areas. Places to inspect and make repairs include sidewalks, parking lots, mail areas, trash and Dumpster areas, or other flat surfaces.

With the right maintenance and care, commercial properties in Houston can remain safe, beautiful, and functional throughout the year. LMC is proud to serve hundreds of Houston area businesses to provide exceptional landscape and tree care, all performed with the utmost safety, efficiency and professionalism. LMC offers a full range of commercial landscape services, including Commercial Landscape MaintenanceLandscape LightingSeasonal Planting and MulchingIrrigation Installation and Maintenance, and Vegetation Management. Contact LMC today for more information about our services or go online to request a free consultation!

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