Making A New Year’s Resolution To Improve Your Property

Making A New Year’s Resolution To Improve Your Property

As we begin a New Year, many people begin making their New Year’s resolutions, whether it’s to start exercising, quit smoking, eat healthier meals, donate more to charity, or spend more time with their family. Most resolutions revolve around personal decisions and habits, but a new year is the perfect opportunity to assess other areas, such as work habits, financial goals, and even property health. A majority of commercial property owners could benefit by making New Year’s Resolutions to improve their property to increase its health, beauty and value.

What does a New Year’s Resolution for a industrial or commercial property look like? For property owners, this process begins by carefully assessing the current state of the property, including the grass, shrubs and plants, and trees. Because their focus is primarily on the business and employees, business property owners might not notice dead spots in the grass, or overlook having their property fertilized.  Trees might be in need of trimming to help protect tree health and promote proper growth and shade for the coming spring and summer.  In addition, landscape gardens might be in need of a makeover, with dead or wilting plants needing to be removed and replaced with vibrant, healthy plants and flowers. The entire property might be in need of weed control services, especially in flowerbeds and property borders. Commercial property owners might need to evaluate the benefits of having an irrigation system professionally installed to ensure their turf, gardens, and trees survive the brutal heat of Houston summers.  All of these proactive steps can help the property owner realize huge gains in overall health, longevity, aesthetics and financial value.

For commercial property owners, making a New Year’s resolution to improve the state and value of the property can also result in tangible, long-term financial benefits. First, commercial property owners can see their property’s net worth increase dramatically through the addition of aesthetic features such as seasonal landscaping and mulching, healthy and properly pruned shade trees, irrigation systems, and specialty water features or ornamental stonework. These additions or improvements can not only improve the property’s financial value, but can increase foot traffic and revenue as the property becomes an asset to the surrounding community for the beauty and tranquility it provides. This is particularly true for commercial properties such as homeowners associations, and office parks. All of these commercial property groups rely on quality, stunning landscapes to help maintain property value as well as owner, tenant or customer satisfaction.  Additionally, commercial property owners can project their landscape maintenance budgets for the coming year, thus streamlining costs while also ensuring the commercial property remains healthy and viable.  

LMC, Houston’s premier landscape and tree service company, provides commercial property owners throughout the Houston area with top-quality services that improve and strengthen the beauty, health and value of properties. LMC’s team of trained and experienced Landscape Professionals offer a full range of services including commercial landscape managementirrigation system installation, ornamental stonework, specialty water features, and fertilization to help transform commercial properties into stunning exterior spaces. LMC’s work is performed utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, coupled with industry-leading safety techniques and environmentally friendly practices. Contact LMC directly for more information, or go online today to request a free consultation.

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