LMC Leads The Way In LEED Landscape Maintenance

LMC Leads The Way In LEED Landscape Maintenance

In recent years, a growing number of businesses and government organizations throughout the U.S. have begun promoting environmentally friendly or green initiative construction and maintenance through Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED). LEED is a ratings system for the design, construction, maintenance and operational functions of green homes, communities and business structures. At its core, LEED helps property owners and managers implement construction and property maintenance methods that are both resource-efficient and environmentally responsible. These methods can range from using recycled building materials to reduced energy usage to efficient water consumption.

LEED-certified projects consist of four important benefits to property owners, businesses, tenants and neighborhoods. First, LEED-certified projects lower overall operating costs while also increasing aesthetic and property values. LEED-certified projects also strive to conserve water and energy while also protecting existing trees and green spaces. LEED projects also promote open floor plans with more natural light and better indoor aesthetics to offer healthier, safer environments for residents, businesses and visitors.

LMC takes a lead role in promoting LEED projects by offering LEED Landscape Maintenance Services, as well as LEED for Existing Building Operation & Management (EBOM). LMC’s ability to perform installation and maintenance of LEED-certified and LEED-EBOM projects sets LMC far apart from the many other amateur and unskilled landscapers in the Houston area.

LMC’s LEED Landscape Management consists of several important services, including landscape garden installation and maintenanceirrigation systems with reduced water usage, and planting shade trees and plants native to our area to increase cooling and decrease energy costs. For LEED-certified projects, LMC utilizes organic fertilizersmulchesweed and pest controls for maintenance. Following a strict and documented process for application, the landscape need is first addressed, followed by biological control, mechanical control and then establishing control through the use of organics. The use of synthetic controls may be used by LMC as a last resort, but with an emphasis on using low toxicity products first.

LMC’s diverse fleet of equipment also helps property managers gain LEED certification through LMC’s use of non-gasoline or diesel powered equipment on LEED qualifying properties. This results in a lower carbon footprint during installation and maintenance, and projects being completed in a safer and more efficient manner.  Safety is a cornerstone of LMC, with award-winning and industry-leading safety techniques utilized in all LEED and non-LEED projects in Houston.

LMC is pleased to offer businesses, property owners and commercial developers throughout the Houston area landscape management services for new LEED-certified construction and LEED-EBOM projects. LMC offers a full range of landscape and tree care services including landscape maintenancetree trimmingtree plantingirrigation system installation, and installing water features and ornamental stonework. For more information on how LMC can provide quality and stunning landscapes for your LEED projects, contact LMC directly or request a free consultation online.

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