The Importance of Having An Integrated Landscape Service Plan

The Importance of Having An Integrated Landscape Service Plan

Over the years, consumers have sought out more streamlined options when it comes to shopping or choosing a service provider. Choosing a company or service provider that offers multiple services can often save consumers both time and money. This also applies to companies in need of commercial tree and landscape services. In today’s blog post, we’ll discuss the importance of having an integrated landscape and tree care service plan, and how it can save business owners valuable time, money, and resources.

One Primary Service Provider

The most obvious benefit of having an integrated Commercial Landscape and Tree Care service program is that one primary service provider handles all landscape and tree maintenance. This ensures that one single company handles all maintenance, irrigation, and fertilization needs throughout the year. An integrated landscape and tree care service plan streamlines communication between the commercial property owner and the service provider, improving efficiency and ensuring there are no gaps in communication regarding maintenance, payment, or future services.

Improves Overall Property Health

When one single service provider handles all Commercial landscape and tree care, the property benefits because of consistent and thorough maintenance throughout the year. A professional tree and landscape company that handles all Commercial maintenance can ensure that no area of the property is ignored or overlooked. Tree or landscape issues are typically identified and treated much earlier than if separate tree, landscape, and irrigation companies handle their own areas of commercial maintenance. This is especially crucial for businesses with prominent landscaping or historic trees, where regular and thorough maintenance is needed to preserve curb appeal.

Avoid Less Qualified Subcontractors

Some commercial property owners might find their property health compromised if their primary landscaper or tree care company utilizes subcontractors to handle specific services that they do not provide, such as irrigation installation or repair, root flare excavationdeep root fertilizationtree removal, or vegetation management. These subcontractors often do not have the same level of trainingsafety or expertise in their field, and the work they perform may be substandard or dangerous. By pursuing an integrated landscape and tree care plan, commercial property owners can avoid having substandard and unsafe subcontractors on their property and avoid potential property damage or liability issues.

More Accurate Budgeting and Service Timelines

Another advantage of developing an integrated landscape and tree care service plan with a commercial tree and landscape company is that they typically offer a more accurate estimate for immediate and long-term service needs. Companies can confidently budget for yearly maintenance expenses and can forecast future needs for tree care, improvements, or special projects. In addition, an integrated landscape and tree care service plan can provide a timeline of needs and completion dates for specific projects such as seasonal colortree planting, mulching, deep root fertilization, and tree pruning.

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