Three Factors That Impact Commercial Landscape Maintenance Costs

Three Factors That Impact Commercial Landscape Maintenance Costs

Commercial property owners and managers depend on regular landscape and tree care maintenance to protect the health, value, and beauty of their property. However, soliciting bids for commercial landscape and tree maintenance can result in widely varying estimates for services. In today’s blog post, we look at three factors that impact commercial landscape maintenance estimates and final costs. Understanding these factors can give commercial property owners a better idea of how estimates and costs are calculated for budgeting purposes.

Serviced Needed

The number of landscape and tree care services needed significantly impact the immediate and future costs of commercial property maintenance. A simple maintenance contract will be far less expensive than a complete landscape makeover or other large-scale project. In addition, the number of future visits will also impact the landscape maintenance costs, depending on the goals and needs of the commercial property owner. For example, a highly visible entryway for a busy shopping center will generally require much more maintenance than the landscaping for an industrial site or the trees at an office park.

Required Labor

Any landscape or tree care project requires a certain amount of labor, which constitutes a large portion of overall landscape and tree care costs. Companies must factor in both the number of workers needed to complete the project as well as the hours they’ll need to work to complete the work. In addition, labor costs will increase substantially if landscape crews are limited to working early in the morning, late in the evening, or on the weekends when labor costs are at a premium.

Property Size and Condition

The larger the property, the more labor and time it will take to maintain it, even at a basic level. In addition, if the property is in poor health, with dying or dead turf, overgrown gardens, noxious weed growth, or diseased trees, then the cost will increase because of the extra time and labor needed to correct and repair these issues.

If you own or manage a commercial property, your landscape maintenance costs shouldn’t be hidden or confusing. At LMC, we offer thorough and accurate landscape maintenance estimates based on our analysis of your property size and health, as well as property needs. Our team of Certified Arborists and Landscape Professionals perform a full range of services, including Landscape MaintenanceTree PruningTree PlantingSeasonal Planting and MulchingWeed ControlVegetation Management, and Irrigation Installation and Maintenance. Call LMC today for more information, or go online to request a free consultation.

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