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Three Ways Tree Preservation Impacts Communities

Three Ways Tree Preservation Impacts Communities

As Houston continues to see additional developments and construction projects break ground, there are a growing number of existing shade trees in jeopardy of injury and tree death because of nearby construction. Thankfully, Houston project managers and property owners can preserve healthy shade trees with Tree Preservation services from LMC, and in the process positively impact their surrounding community. Today’s blog post will focus on defining Tree Preservation, and three ways in which it can positively impact communities in the greater Houston area.

What is Tree Preservation?

Tree preservation is the process in which healthy trees are protected from potential damages before, during, and after construction projects in areas adjacent to the trees. Trees need protection from damages caused to the trunk and limbs by construction vehicles and large equipment, and the tree roots need protection from soil compaction and contamination from nearby chemicals found on construction sites. Tree preservation services include creating safety barriers around the perimeter of the tree to prevent tree damages, performing soil aeration, applying water to prevent tree damage, and fertilization after construction to aid with tree recovery.

Maintain Property Values and Beauty

Tree preservation is an important part of any construction project because of the value trees hold in our communities. Healthy shade trees have no need to be removed because of the tremendous environmental benefit they provide, and also because they help maintain property values. Communities with healthy, large shade trees enjoy higher property values than those with little to no trees. In addition, trees offer beauty, privacy, noise reduction, and tranquility throughout Houston.

Reduced Energy Costs

Another added benefit of tree preservation on construction projects is that these healthy shade trees can ultimately provide significant financial savings for commercial property owners because of reduced energy costs. Shaded businesses require less energy for cooling throughout Houston’s hot summer months, and these savings can be applied towards other property improvements.

Protect Area Ecosystems

Houston is home to a wide variety of native birds and wildlife, and these creatures rely on our local trees to maintain their delicate ecosystems. Tree preservation helps protect our local wildlife and natural resources, ultimately benefiting Houston. In addition, tree preservation results in improved air quality because of the ability of large shade trees to help clean our air and remove pollutants from the atmosphere that can damage our health.

LMC is pleased to offer safe, efficient, and top quality Tree Preservation services to residents and businesses throughout the greater Houston area. LMC can protect trees of all sizes, and on projects of all scopes to ensure optimal tree health before, during and after construction projects. In addition to Tree Preservation services, LMC also offers a full range of landscape and tree care services, including Landscape MaintenanceTree PruningTree PlantingWeed Control ServicesIrrigation Installation, Ornamental Stonework, Landscape Lighting, Water Feature Installation, and Tree Removal for unhealthy trees on construction sites. Contact LMC for more information, or go online to request a free consultation!

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