Tree Planting By Certified Arborists Makes All The Difference
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Tree Planting By Certified Arborists Makes All The Difference

For cities, municipalities and neighborhoods that are looking to increase their aesthetic appeal and property values, tree planting is a great investment towards improving area parks, city streets, rights of way and other community spaces. However, when tree planting is not handled by Certified Arborists, these added trees could become a costly and unsightly eyesore for years to come.

Community developers and local governments looking to add trees to their lands should first request the services of a high-quality professional tree care company that utilizes Certified Arborists. Certified Arborists offer many significant benefits to your tree planting projects, and their work and skill set will ultimately save you time and money down the road.

First, Certified Arborists have a wealth of training and expertise in native plants and trees that will thrive for generations to come in the hot and humid Houston climate. They can also test the surrounding soil to analyze nutrients and pH levels, thus ensuring the soil will be at its prime health before tree planting begins. Their tree care knowledge increases the likelihood of newly planted trees thriving and maturing throughout any kind of season of weather condition. In addition, Certified Arborists will ensure that only healthy, vibrant trees are planted on your local areas, rights of way, city streets and community parks. Planting diseased or damaged trees, especially in common areas, can create a public safety hazard as they are much more likely to injure a person or nearby property.

In addition, Certified Arborists will also ensure that trees are planted correctly the first time to ensure proper root establishment and development. Many trees are planted at incorrect levels, which can negatively impact root health and leave the tree more susceptible to tree disease and damage. Trees not planted at the correct levels or with damaged root systems have a much shorter life span and will need to be repaired or replaced much sooner than necessary, thus increasing your overall tree care costs.

Finally, Certified Arborists can help properly maintain and prune your trees to ensure optimal tree health throughout the year. Many trees are incorrectly trimmed by untrained, basic tree work companies, and their inadequate work can lead to many future tree problems. For example, trees that are over pruned or incorrectly shaped can go into shock, or their branches can break due to uneven branch weights. For younger, less mature trees, Certified Arborists can also ensure trees are properly braced in the event of severe weather, and also properly hydrated and fertilized to also maintain strong health.

LMC, Houston’s premiere tree and landscape service company, offers a wide range of tree care services for individuals, businesses, local communities, municipalities, and industrial parks throughout the greater Houston area. LMC’s Certified Arborists can ensure that your tree planting investments are well protected for generations to come, and that you receive a great deal of added beauty and value to your property. Contact LMC directly for more information, or request a consultation with one of their Certified Arborists today.

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