Ways To Keep Grass Healthy On Your Commercial Property, Part One

Ways To Keep Grass Healthy On Your Commercial Property, Part One

Although trees, landscape gardens, and other property amenities often get the spotlight on a commercial property, grass is still a crucial part of a commercial property’s aesthetic value and overall health. Without proper care and maintenance, commercial lawns can suffer and become a property eyesore. To address this issue, we begin a two-part series featuring ways to keep grass healthy and beautiful on your commercial property. Part one in our series looks at ways to directly impact and improve the grass and soil, while part two will focus on other steps and services that can help stabilize and promote grass health.

Soil Aeration

Having lush, healthy grass on your commercial property isn’t possible without healthy soil to help it grow. Over time, soil can become compacted due to high traffic, wind and water erosion, and even frequent lawn maintenance. As a result, the soil can lose vital nutrients and minerals, and also lose the ability to provide moisture and oxygen to grass and plants. Soil aeration is a service in which small plugs of soil are removed in order to allow the soil to breathe and absorb nutrients and water. Having aerated soil is a great first step in promoting and protecting the health and beauty of your commercial property grass.

Adding Grass Seed

Once the soil on your commercial property is aerated and healthy, another critical step is the application of grass seed to fill in landscape gaps. Grass seed can help supplement the commercial property lawn, especially when rye grass dies off after winter, or if the grass has suffered due to poor watering, excessive shade, invasive weed growth, high traffic, or insect infestations. The simple application of grass seed can turn a thin patch of grass into a thick, lush carpet of grass throughout the year.

Applying Fertilizer

Finally, the last step in keeping commercial property grass healthy, beautiful, and stable is the application of a fertilizer to the property. A good fertilizer can make a tremendous difference in stimulating grass growth, strengthening the grass health to withstand severe weather conditions, and reducing threats from invasive weeds. In addition, fertilizers can also help maintain soil health and stability by providing extra minerals needed for optimal grass health.

Commercial properties should have grass that is as beautiful and healthy as the trees and landscape gardens also found on the property. A beautifully manicured and healthy lawn can be the crowning jewel of a commercial property, retail center, school, or neighborhood park. LMC can help with our full range of top quality commercial landscape services, handled by our team of Landscape Professionals who are experts in lawn care and property health. LMC offers Commercial Landscape MaintenanceSoil AerationSoil Analysis, Fertilizer Applications, Irrigation Installation and MaintenanceTree PruningTree Planting, and Seasonal Planting and Mulching. Contact LMC today for more information, or go online to request a free consultation!

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