Ways To Keep Grass Healthy On Your Commercial Property, Part Two

Ways To Keep Grass Healthy On Your Commercial Property, Part Two

In our previous blog post, we discussed ways to directly improve and protect the grass found on commercial properties, which is often overlooked in favor of maintenance for trees and landscape gardens. In part two of our series, we highlight three ways to indirectly strengthen and protect the grass on commercial properties, as well as improving the overall health, beauty and value of the property.

Irrigation Maintenance

In order to grow well, grass not only needs healthy soil and sunlight, but also ample moisture. However, rainfall in the greater Houston area can vary greatly each month, so it is important to supplement your property’s hydration with a quality irrigation system. Although many commercial properties do already have sprinkler systems or drip-line irrigation lines installed, many are outdated and do not fully function as intended, or their parts become damaged or cracked over time. It is important to make sure your commercial property has an updated, effective irrigation system installed to make sure grass, trees, plants, and landscape gardens get the moisture they need, especially during Houston’s brutal summer months.

Drainage Services

Although grass, trees, and plants need water for growth, too much can be a detrimental problem for commercial properties. Poor water drainage can lead to soil erosion, insect infestations, tree and plant diseases, and dead grass and plants. It is critical to ensure that any low lying areas of the commercial property are leveled and drainage services are performed to ensure rainwater or irrigation water does not pool and collect, but properly drains away from the property.

Tree Pruning

Although it might seem unusual to include tree pruning services on a blog about grass health, the truth is that trees can have a big impact on the growth, beauty and stability of commercial lawns. When trees are not regularly pruned, their overgrown branches and dense foliage can cover large sections of the grass with excess shade, resulting in poor grass growth because of the lack of direct sunlight. Regular tree pruning not only benefits grass health, but also promotes the health, strength, and beauty of the trees on commercial properties.

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