The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Part Two

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Part Two

In the greater Houston area, commercial property owners have a wide range of landscape maintenance and tree service companies to choose from. Owners can choose an amateur mom & pop company that handles one type of service, a smaller company offering a very limited range of services, or a professional company offering a full range of quality landscape and tree care services for commercial properties. To ensure the health, beauty and value of their property, owners need to understand the differences between these kinds of companies and how each one can impact their property. This blog will focus on the Good, Bad and Ugly of Landscape Maintenance companies and the range and quality of their services. Part two of this series will look at the Good, Bad and Ugly of Tree Care Service companies in the greater Houston area.

Commercial property owners that want to ensure the long-term aesthetic and financial value of their land need to know the factors that distinguish the Good landscape maintenance companies from the Bad and Ugly. A Good landscape maintenance company is one that protects and improves the health, beauty and value of a property through their expertise in Commercial Landscape Managementsafety techniquesenvironmental protection and state-of-the-art equipment. Their work strengthens and benefits our local environment through promoting green practices such as recycling greenwaste and using organic mulches. Good Landscape Maintenance companies employ skilled Landscape Professionals who understand the biology and environment of our region and can ensure that trees, plants, soil and turf are well cared for throughout the seasons. The Good is also distinguished by employing degreed and certified Landscape Professionals, whose certifications require annual Continuing Education Units (CEU) focused on new laws, industry regulation changes, best practices and safety procedures.  A Good Landscape Maintenance company will also provide property owners with clear and concise estimates and explanations for all projects, with no hidden fees or haphazard work. 

Bad Landscape Maintenance Companies are typically smaller landscape companies that can handle a very limited range of services, but without the expertise and training of a professional Landscape Maintenance company. Although they might be able to perform simple tasks such as shrub trimming or turf maintenance, their lack of experience and training can often lead to Bad Landscape Maintenance in the form of misshapen shrubs, excessive trimming, nutrient-deficient plants and lawns, and inadequate treatment of invasive pests and diseases. Although property owners might believe they are reducing costs by hiring smaller, basic landscape maintenance companies, they are actually increasing their overall costs because of the damage caused by substandard work. Property owners using Bad Landscape Maintenance companies are much more likely to have to replace trees, plants, turf and soil over time because of inadequate services by their untrained employees. Bad Landscape Maintenance also results in more greenwaste sent to landfills and an increased carbon footprint because of poorly maintained service vehicles and equipment.

Finally, the Ugly Landscape Maintenance companies are those that significantly damage the health, beauty and value of a commercial property because of their reckless and dangerous work. Ugly Landscape Maintenance Companies often completely disregard both industry and OSHA guidelines for proper landscape work, resulting in higher instances of on-site injuries or damage to property. Ugly Landscape Maintenance results in grass being cut on a regular basis, but often being cut too short or not being treated at all for invasive pests like chinch bugs. It can also result in reckless lawn mowers damaging sprinkler system heads and causing extensive repairs to irrigation systems. Ugly Landscape Maintenance will often result in giant volcano mounds of mulch around a tree that harm its health by reducing nutrient intake or making it more susceptible to diseases.

For the benefit of your commercial property, contact the Landscape Professionals of LMC, and avoid the Bad and Ugly landscapers out there. LMC is proud to offer quality landscape maintenance services performed by skilled Landscape Professionals, utilizing state-of-the art equipment and industry-leading and award-winning safety techniques. LMC is committed to protecting the value, health and beauty of your property, all while providing exceptional customer service. Request a free consultation with LMC’s Landscape Professionals today, or contact LMC directly for more information.

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